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On June 9, 1931 God truly blessed the world with a gift, Richard J. Stevens Sr. It's hard to imagine that one person could touch so many lives in just the few short years that we had with him, but it's so easy to understand for those who were fortunate enough to know him. December 23, 2006 Richard J. Stevens Sr. was called home. Although none of us were prepared to go on without him, I believe I can safely say that we can take comfort in knowing that he is now in a better place. As a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend there weren't too many shoes he could not fill. He will live on forever in the hearts of each and every one of us.  Richard James Stevens Sr. you will NEVER be forgotten.




We've known lots of pleasure,
At times endured pain,
We've lived in the sunshine
And walked in the rain.

But now we're seperated
And for a time apart,
But I am not alone-
You're forever in my heart.

Death always seems so sudden,
And it is always sure,
But what is oft' forgotten-
It is not without a cure.

I'm walking now with someone,
And I know He'll always stay,
I know He's walking with you too,
Giving comfort everyday.

There may be times you miss me,
I sort of hope you do,
But smile when you think of me,
For I'll be waiting for you.

Now there's many things for you to do,
And lots of ways to grow,
So get busy, be happy,and live your life,
Miss me, but let me go.